Transcription Technology State

Medical transcription technology has advanced into the new millennium offering a much more sophisticated, yet user friendly approach to maintaining medical records through their entire life cycle.

While many are going to Speech Recognition Technology, one thing to keep in mind is the value that transcriptionist add in quality. Errors in grammar, translation, and incorrect measurements are usually intercepted by the transcriptionist as a quality assurance reviewer.

AccuScript Medical Transcription uses technology makes the whole life cycle automated technology.

With this technology we can personalize physician preferences for dictation along with completely automating the voice uploads to the transcriptionist, and downloads back to the physician’s offices or health organizations. Dictation to chart information delivery transfers are timely and uniquely organized.

HIPAA Compliance and Security issues require the software that we use incorporates state of the art encryption technology, 128-bit SSL, to ensure that data and patient records are secure at all times. We at AccuScript Medical Transcription respect the patient’s rights and privileges to privacy and maintain the strictest level of confidentiality.

We can still transcribe from micro and mini-cassette tapes. If a higher tech approach to medical transcription is not what you are looking for, we can also service clients who want the simpler approach.

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